We are developing a portable interactive musical installation called the Whimsichord. This device will react to the movement

and touch of “movicians” responding with sound.

Monday, March 28, 2011

5) Movement Mapping

hannah buckley 'quiet genius' character

Di and Dave decided from the outset to develop the musical interface through a series of co-creative movement workshops with dancers. Each retractable module that made up the instrument would be created around a character, which would define its sound, shape and behaviour. 10 characters were devised and dancers Holly Miller and Hanna Buckley, responded to them through movement.

process of developing movement and character maps

We then gathered the both dancers responses to the workshop, and took note of our own observations, and created a personality maps for each character. These maps where used by Dave to start creating sound pallets that would begin to define the personalities in intricate detail.

Hollie Miller responding to 'inept' character

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