We are developing a portable interactive musical installation called the Whimsichord. This device will react to the movement

and touch of “movicians” responding with sound.

Monday, March 28, 2011

4) Characters

carl jung typology

In past research that was ispired by Carl Jung's Typology, Di developed the concept of building instrumental interfaces around character narratives. She suggested taking this concept forward into the Whimsichord project. Di went on to develop 10 different characters descriptions. Here is an example of one of these characters called Quiet Genius:

The Quiet Genius sits in the corner of the room. She is so plain that in certain lights we may assume that she is a texture on the wallpaper. If we seek the Quiet Genius specifically, we will never find her. We are much more likely to trip over her while seeking something or someone entirely unrelated. And this will be a fortuitous turn of events. Once in her company, we are quickly aware of her sharp powers of perception. She will gauge our mood. She will solve our problems. She will reconcile us with our past and align us with our future. All of this is done in a quiet unassuming way that only amplifies the intricacy of her genius. Now that we have met her once, we will spend the rest of our lives seeking her company for a second time. Because of this acute desire, it is unlikely that we will ever find her again.

These narratives would be used to develop the sound, shape, functionality and interaction of each instrument, through a series of co-creative workshops with dancers.

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