We are developing a portable interactive musical installation called the Whimsichord. This device will react to the movement

and touch of “movicians” responding with sound.

Monday, March 28, 2011

6) Sound Mapping

di's sound mapping model

Dave used our notes and observations from the first movement workshop, to create sound pallets for each character. Starting with two characters 'Quiet Genius' and 'Smother', he used the character responses of Hollie and Hannah as inspiration to drive the composition.

movician workshop with hollie miller and hannah buckley

The 2 new sound pallets were then given to our dancers for their response during a second movement workshop. We were interested to note how the girls' behaviour changed dramatically during this process. Holly said that she became very conscious of the sound (which did not respond to her movement at this stage), saying that she felt a desire to sync here movement with the sound, which was rather disorientating. Hannah on the other hand, appeared to move through the soundscape in an altogether different way. Interestingly, when the girls responded to the sound pallets for a second time, they became more confident and the characters seemed to shine through as they had done in the first workshop.

Once again, we then gathered the both dancers responses to the workshop, and took note of our own observations, and created a personality maps for each character. These observations where used by Dave to further develop the sound pallets.

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